Monday, November 11, 2013


Mobile technology has run rampant over the last ten years. Before the millennium, the only capability of a cellphone was to make and receive calls. Nowadays, the term "Cellphone" is no longer appropriate, it is being replaced by "Smartphone".
No wonder, a modern mobile device amounts to a combination of capabilities such as: GPS navigation, embedded web browser, instant messaging client and a hand-held game console. However, the evolution isn't done yet, how would you feel if  you could turn the palm of  your hand or a pad of paper into graphical, interactive surfaces? It's not a dream at all, that is regarded as the future of mobile devices.OmniTouch is the name of that developing technology. In 2011, It was developed by researchers from Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University. The device implements a projector and camera that are put on the shoulder, with no buttons but the user's hands. It will empower you to turn your entire world into a touchscreen. The system makes use of a depth-sensing camera, similar to the Microsoft Kinect, to shadow the user's fingers on everyday surfaces. It will enable users to manage interactive applications by tapping and dragging their fingers, much as they would do on smartphones or tablets. In fact, the palm of your hands can be used as a phone keypad or, as a tablet to jot down brief notes.