Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Better Battery Life with the Android 4.4

Almost everybody loves Android since it offers a wide range of  comfort. Thus, It has revolutionized the mobile phone industry with consistent enhancements of the platform capabilities. However, throughout the development of the system, some unlucky users have been struggling with devices that prove to be a real burden. One of the main issues  that make people infuriated the most is a pathetic battery life. 

That problem is commonly linked to the virtual machine that manages the android runtime. that system is known as Dalvik. Ever since Android started to develop, Dalvik has been the tool that enables apps and some system services to run. Technically, the software makes use of  a Just in Time compiler to read bytecode . That operation causes the processors to work harder than they're supposed to, so batteries tend to drain out fast. Accordingly, Google has been working hard along with developers for about two years to come up with a better runtime. Hopefully, that actual runtime is already available in the market and it's named ART. It has been incorporated experimentally in the Android 4.4 to replace Dalvik. The new virtual machine uses a process which is called Ahead of Time to compile the code. That runtime will make the startup  and app execution increasingly faster. If you already have the Nexus 5 and you wanna switch to ART, go to settings ->Developer options -> select Runtime. As it is just an experimental preview, the user has to wait about 10 minutes on the next boot-up so the installed apps can be adjusted to the new runtime. 

Obviously, ART requires quite a lot of time when you first activate it. But the result is going to be even more rewarding. Not only the battery life will be longer but also low-end phones with weak processors will run remarkably faster.