Monday, November 18, 2013

The Web of Things, The Future of Mobile Technology

Imagine how the world would be like if you could use almost everything as computers? Internet would be integrated in your house walls and even objects of the streets. you wouldn't have to carry a laptop with you everywhere you go. Whatever task you want to perform on the internet, your surrounding is just the right gadget. 

That technology is currently in development. In 1999, Kevin Ashton, an assistant brand manager at Procter and Gamble, thought that incorporating RFID chips into products they could make far-reaching changes in the supply chain. He said that it's much better to get information from objects themselves. Not only computer chips got smaller and cheaper but also they consume much less power. So the process to implement internet in objects to interact with humans will not be a failure. Indeed internet of things will come into being. Our smartphones constitute the center of the web of things. The processing power of our smartphones is higher than the one the Apollo program used to send a man to the moon. We are increasingly using it as a universal remote control for our environment. 

No wonder, with that new technology, computers will cease to exist. Furthermore, the interaction between humans and objects will pave the way for the integration of robots.