Friday, November 15, 2013

Flexible Electronic Paper

The invention of paper dates back to the 2nd century AD. Reportedly, court eunuch Cai Lun is regarded as the instigator. Paper proves to be an all-round product that contributes intensely to the development of the civilization. However, the use of paper is so overwhelming that it happens to be inimical to the environment.

Needless to say that  paper is manufactured out of wood. So worldwide consumption of paper contributes enormously to deforestation. On that account, each year 40% of waste generated in the US are connected with paper manipulation. In fact, 71.6 million tons of papers are thrown away in the United States only. Accordingly, most manufacturers are striving to find a better alternative for the environment's sake. They got to create a new product known commercially as paperfoam. On the other hand, since 1970's scientists have been elaborating a new type of paper coined as Electronic paper or E-paper. Nick Sheridon  developed the first e-paper which was known as Gyricon. Subsequently, a growing number of researchers have been attentive to the topic. Scientists at the Arizona State University's Display Center along with some mobile device manufacturers are exerting themselves to refine this technology. 

That will have a tremendous impact on the information system. We will not need to lug heavy laptop computers with us. The laptop may be a simple sheet of OLEDs we then fold up and put in our wallets. A cell phone may contain a flexible screen that can be pulled out, like a scroll. Then, instead of straining to type on the tiny keyboard of your cell phone, you may be able to pull out a flexible screen as large as you want.