Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Universal Translator

Almost in all science-fiction movies, specially Star Wars and Star trek , aliens are able to communicate fluently with humans. Apparently, they're using a device called "universal translator" that breaks the communication barrier. That sounds pretty futuristic. 

Can you imagine how mankind would be if we could instantly understand any foreign language? Yet, that will be possible in the future since prototypes of universal translator are already developed. Scientists at the Carnegie Mellon University constitute the pioneers of that technology. According to one of the scientists, Tanja Schultz, you can say something in English, it will come out in Chinese or any other languages. Indeed, two people may talk to each other in different languages and yet understand clearly. Some companies have already launched some devices, though inferior to the actual one. The first conversational translation system was launched by Speech Gear. In addition, the US army used a two-way translator in Iraq. Even Google is elaborating a translating system.  

Researchers are really eager to get to the bottom of that technology. Undoubtedly, language barriers will fall to the point that a huge cultural revolution will come about.